Derrick Johnson Grid Iron Legend

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Derrick Johnson, a former player for Waco High Lions, recently talked about the atmosphere of his high school football team and his experience transitioning to college football in a recent interview.

Johnson reminisced on the pride he felt walking through the halls of his high school with pictures of former players, like LaCurtis Jones, hanging on the walls. He played on the Waco High Lions football team and later moved on to play for the University of Texas, where he played alongside Vince Young and Cedric Benson.

Johnson advises young athletes to have determination and work hard, as those are the keys to success. He attributes his success in athletics to his family's athletic background, which includes his older brother, who played for Baylor University and the NFL.

Overall, Johnson reminisces on the pride he feels for his alma mater and the importance of hard work and dedication. He believes that young athletes can achieve success with determination and hard work, and that they should take inspiration from their family's athletic history, just like he did.

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